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Let's explore andamento and hammer and hardie cutting!

Camp Bella Soul, in Acton, Maine is the setting for this 5-day workshop, which is split into two sections for those who need only one or the other. There is a $25 saving when signing up for both! Please be aware that both sessions have to meet the minimum number of students individually for the 5-day package to be held! (a.k.a. If there are only two students for one session, but twelve for the next one, only the second session will be held.)

August 19 - 23, 2024
Cutting with hammer and hardie, andamento principles & Andamento as Language: The nuances of setting and story-telling techniques with andamento
Camp Bella Soul, Acton, ME

For housing information, please contact Camp Bella Soul directly. They are doing some renovation work this summer and there are expanded housing options in that beautiful setting!

Hammer and hardie + Andamento principles

August 19 & 20, 2024
Camp Bella Soul, Acton, ME
All the basics, with plenty of practice!

Join me for two days of learning how to cut with hammer and hardie and practicing andamento principles! It’s all in the details, they say, and that is absolutely true about cutting with hammer and hardie, from the height of the stump to tiny adjustments that make your cuts successful, and we’ll go through it all and continue honing skills as we go along throughout the workshop. By the end of day two you will have a full understanding of the “rules” or best practices for line building, rooted in the long tradition of classical mosaics -- AND you‘ll know exactly how to set up your own hardie stump and wield the power of the mosaic hammer! The workshop will be followed by Andamento as Language, so you can expand on the knowledge gained in these first two days and start making lines that speak your language!

The workshop is $225 if paid by check (email me for details), or $237 by card:

Andamento as Language (a.k.a. Advanced Andamento)

August 21-23, 2024
Camp Bella Soul, Acton, ME

This 3-day workshop builds on the Andamento Principles workshop, and explores how those principles can be used and stretched to develop one’s own style or language in mosaic. Pre-requisite: Andamento principles (with any instructor, just contact me to discuss) or demonstrable knowledge (show me your work!)
Together we will explore the nuances of setting tesserae while following andamento principles: how variations in spacing, dimension, proportion, etc., affect lines and how to adopt all the rules into your own mosaic language. We will also explore the storytelling aspects of andamento, using all those ABC’s (tesserae) and the grammar of mosaic to create compelling narratives in your work. I will show you all these variations using my own work as examples, and there will be plenty of discussion and opportunity to explore the details of some of the choices I make in my own lines, as well as explore your own style in setting!

PLEASE NOTE: In these workshops we will be working on a series of exercises on a temporary substrate. You will not be reproducing any of the pieces shown, though you are welcome to work on a piece of your own using the principles we are learning as we go. Trust me, no one has ever run out of ideas in this class!

The workshop is $350 if paid by check (email me for details), or $367 by card:

Both courses in a bundle!

August 19-23, 2024
Camp Bella Soul, Acton, ME

From the basics to the beginning of you developing your own style with andamento — all five days!

The workshop is $550 if paid by check (email me for details), or $577.50 by card:


  • Study Tour of Italy (Tentative schedule: Piacenza, Spilimbergo, Venice, Ravenna) - October 2025

    The workshops at the MAANZ Conference in Geelong, Australia, are sold out, but there are still seats available in some of the Australia Tour workshops:

  • New South Wales, Australia - Nov. 1 -3, 2024 Language of Andamento (Hepworth Studios)
  • Perth, Western Australia - Dec. 13, 2024 Fading Away: Gradations in Mosaic
  • Perth, Western Australia - Dec. 14-15, 2024 Nature as Muse (A springboard to Abstract Design)
  • To sign up, visit the MAANZ website!

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